This Is How You Remove Your Tonneau, Unless It’s Winter

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If you have a tonneau cover on your truck, you’re going to want to make sure you remove it properly. Keep in mind, if it’s winter then you’ll be in a tough position trying to get the cover off until it thaws. After all, you don’t want to damage the cover in any way. If you treat it with care, it will be easier for you to ensure it remains in good condition.

If you’re concerned about taking off your cover, just take a look at these tips. They’ll help you to get the cover off the right way. It was published recently and may be easier to remove than roll up or soft covers.

Take A Look At Your Manual

When you bought your tonneau cover, it is likely that you received some kind of manual. Take a closer look at that manual. See if it provides any kind of removal instructions.

  1. Dodge removal manual
  2. R129 removal manual
  3. Tri-Fold removal manual
  4. Fastback removal manual
  5. Honda removal manual
  6. Rugged Cover removal manual
  7. American Tonneau Company removal manual


In many cases, a tonneau cover will come with a step-by-step removal guide. You can take a look at that guide and figure out exactly how your cover will need to be removed.

Don’t Rush Things

In many cases, tonneau covers are damaged because people are trying to get the cover off too quickly. They rush through the process, cut a few corners, and wind up causing some kind of damage to the cover.

While you don’t need to move at a glacial pace, you shouldn’t rush through the cover removal process. It’s okay to take things slowly. If you pace yourself and make sure you remove the cover at the right speed, you should be able to get it off without any kind of problems.

Have A Plan In Place

If you’re taking your cover off, make sure you know what your next step will be. Here’s more info if you own a Dodge. Where are you going to store your cover? What are you going to do with it.

You don’t want to be left holding your cover, dragging it around from place to place. If you are going through the trouble of taking it off, you need to know where it is going to wind up.

Figure out where your cover will go before you start to take it off. Once you have it all figured out, you can begin the removal process.

Watch A Video

If you really can’t figure out how you should be removing your tonneau cover, try watching a video. If you watch a video, you can watch someone else complete the task correctly. After that, you only need to copy what they did if you want to take your cover off successfully.

Different people have different learning styles. Not everyone can learn from a manual. There are some people that learn by seeing and doing. If you are one of those people, seek out a video that will provide you with the information that you need. You’ll learn exactly how you should be taking your cover off.

Now that you know how to remove a tonneau cover, you can start making full use of the benefits that it offers. You can carry more items in your truck, and take full advantage of the utility that your vehicle offers you.

Twilight MM – Are You Just Millimeters from Success?

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Many people go their whole lives not doing what they love. Not pursuing their dreams.

Are you living this way?

The truth is that there’s an underlying problem with your self, more specifically your brain, if this is the case in your life.

Millimeters from success is a concept many people aren’t familiar with. I first heard it when a story was told to me about a man who spent his life digging for diamonds. Then one day he threw in the towel and gave up, selling his diamond mine for pennies on the dollar. The next person only had to dig 3 feet deeper to find the riches vein of diamonds ever discovered on Earth.

Millimeters from success works the same way. When you don’t have a good method, a perfect method, for making and measure your own success, life can work out for you in just the same way.