Twilight MM – Are You Just Millimeters from Success?

By twilight / On / In inspiration

Many people go their whole lives not doing what they love. Not pursuing their dreams.

Are you living this way?

The truth is that there’s an underlying problem with your self, more specifically your brain, if this is the case in your life.

Millimeters from success is a concept many people aren’t familiar with. I first heard it when a story was told to me about a man who spent his life digging for diamonds. Then one day he threw in the towel and gave up, selling his diamond mine for pennies on the dollar. The next person only had to dig 3 feet deeper to find the riches vein of diamonds ever discovered on Earth.

Millimeters from success works the same way. When you don’t have a good method, a perfect method, for making and measure your own success, life can work out for you in just the same way.

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